Is firewood truly sustainable?

13 Sep

OK, that might seem like a strange headline from a firewood supplier, but the question is valid! Firewood is so often described as an environmentally and sustainable fuel, but to my mind, this is something of a paradox. Anyone who has an open fire, or a wood burning stove must realise that the speed at which you burn the wood that you use, vastly outstrips the speed at which the tree can actually grow! So unless we are continually planting vast increases in woodland acreage, then “sustainable forests” simply do not add up!!

So, our localised operation, where we are taking trees from local tree surgeons, is by far, the most sustainable way of doing this! The trees that come into us have been removed because they need/have to be. They are coming down anyway, it is simply what would happen to the cut down timber afterwards that changes. Instead of going to landfill, it comes to us. The smaller branches are chipped and the larger branches and the trunks are chopped into manhandleable lumps to get them off the sites. This makes them hard to process for firewood (if you are a big commercial operation) as big processing machines want clean, straight timber to be as efficient as possible.

We use the whole tree. The thicker branches and the trunks are split into logs and the difficult bits, the twisted bits or where branches join the main trunk, are seasoned and used as our own fuel for our own biomass boiler, which produces the heat which dries the firewood!

Even the distances for travelling are as low as it is possible for them to be! The tree surgeons we work with work within a 15 mile radius of our site here in Toddington. 98% of what we deliver falls within the same radius, so any firewood that you buy from us travels no more that 30 miles in its entire life, from growing as a tree to being burnt for your fuel!

Our Kiln ensures that every bit of timber that we deliver to you, is dry and ready to burn. It is as environmentally friendly an option as you can get, for clean, dry, kiln dried firewood.


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