“seasoned” wood from Homebase

03 Nov

Well, I delivered a couple of bags to an existing customer today, and he showed me a log from a Homebase Net of “Seasoned Hardwood Logs” that he had bought last week to tide him over for a day or so. The description on the bag says it is wood of UK original and has been seasoned for “up to 12 months”

The 48% moisture content is from the centre of the log after I split it.

The 40% moisture content is from the end of the log before I split it.


homebase-logs1 homebase-logs2

I’m actually having doubts that its a hardwood log!! 48% moisture content is an exceptionally high reading from a hardwood log. Technically, of course, they are within the bounds of truth in their description as it says seasoned for “up to” 12 months, so presumably and timescale period short of the maximum of 12 months is covered by this. Personally, I reckon about 12 hours is about right!!

Not only does it not burn, it smokes like the blazes and messes up your flue and your burner.

Now, there has always been plenty of “dodgy” wet firewood about, but I’m surprised to see something packaged and supplied by a national chain that is so far removed from a decent bit of firewood as to be ridiculous. I’ve sent my customer the pictures and said they should take the remaining logs, including the part burnt ones back and get their money back……but that won’t change the fact that this net will be one of thousands out there.

Local Logs, Kiln Dried, Guaranteed under 20% moisture content, delivered to your door. You know it makes sense!!


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