Grown Locally, Cut Locally, Dried Locally and Delivered Locally. And Ready To Burn!!

18 Oct

Is your firewood Grown Locally, Cut Locally, Dried Locally and Delivered Locally?
Are you buying “Ready to Burn” logs?

Kiln dried logs are ready to burn. You buy them today and can burn them straight away. Not all kiln dried logs are the same though, the vast majority of kiln dried firewood in the UK is imported! It comes in shipping containers from Eastern Europe! So when you want an environmentally sound product, it doesn’t really work that well, when you transport it several thousand miles from its source to the point of use!
So, our firewood comes from local tree surgeons. They work within a 15 mile radius of our site in Toddington and bring the wood to us on a daily basis. We split and process it and dry it in our own kiln. The kiln is heated by burning the bits of the trees that are difficult to split into firewood, so the whole tree is consumed, there is no waste at all! We dry the wood to under 20% moisture content and deliver in a 15 mile radius as well. So the longest distance that a piece of our firewood might travel in its entire life would be 30 miles maximum!!

Probably the most sustainable, environmentally sound firewood you can buy.
Grown Locally, Cut Locally, Dried Locally, Delivered Locally.
And Ready to Burn when its delivered to your logs store, not dumped loose on your driveway!

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