New Season Starts!

09 Sep

The Logs Season is here again!

Well, its actually been here all year as we have only had three single weeks in 2021 where we haven’t delivered logs!

The new legislation for firewood will make life interesting as well! From February 2021, the legislation changed to say that you can only buy logs in volumes of LESS THAN 2 Cubic Metres (that’s a lot of logs!!) if the product that you buy is under 20% moisture content and ready to burn.

There is a new Trade Classification/Certificate called “Ready to Burn” and all companies supplying firewood in volumes of under 2 cubic metres have to be accredited (and we are!!).

You can still buy firewood of over 20% moisture if you buy in volumes of 2 cubic metres or more, and the supplier should also supply details on how you should store that wood so that it can continue to dry down before it is used.

We are continuing to use the ever popular barrow bags, hand packed and delivered to your woodstore, not dumped loose on your driveway. FOUR of our bags equates to a solid ONE cubic meter of logs.  When you buy “loose” loads, there is quite a significant amount of AIR in the load and in our own experiments a loose load of one cubic metre fits into only three of our barrow bags! So you get plenty of firewood in our barrow bags and most importantly, because ALL of our wood is kiln dried by us, its all under 20% moisture and will burn beautifully in your fireplace or stove.

One of the most important things about our product is that it is as environmentally sound as it can be. We source all of our firewood from local tree surgeons who work within a 15 mile radius of our site. We deliver to a 15/20 mile radius as well. So we can say with absolute certainty, that the kiln dried firewood we produce has travelled no more than 35 miles MAXIMUM in its entire life. We are also using a tree that has already been taken down. We are not harvesting trees purely for firewood.

One of the other major concerns recently as well has been the supply chain difficulties with haulage. We do the deliveries in house as well. We have just taken delivery of our new van which looks brilliant in its new livery! It has already started paying for itself as I’ve been asked for cards when out on deliveries!

We are already up to 50 bags a week on deliveries in September, so make sure that you get your orders in as there is always a big jump in orders when the days start to turn colder!

You can order online at or call us on 01525 876554 and as well as our regular, super popular standard stovemix bags, we have also now produced a new line of pure hardwood only bags. All of our wood comes under the “Ready to Burn” accreditation and we look forward to delivering to you soon!

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