Our Kiln

Dragon D20 Kiln

Our Boiler is a 195Kw Dragon D20. It burns the same logs that you use in your own stove/logburner – except that it’s a bit bigger!! We don’t need to split and chop the logs up!! Any bits that are not suitable for processing for YOU to use, because they might have branch stubs or odd shapes, for example, we burn ourselves to dry YOUR logs. So our boiler is mainly fired with the offcuts of what cannot be processed, and this all comes in from our teams of local tree surgeons who work in the local area.

The boiler heats an accumulator (or buffer) tank which is effectively a giant hot water tank. The heated water tank then stores the heat generated extremely efficiently, rather like having a giant battery , until it is drawn off when the kiln is in use. As the temperature drops in the accumulator tank, the boiler can be refired to take the stored heat back up again. This means that the boiler works at it maximum efficiency for most of the time. It would be significantly less efficient if it was heating the kiln directly, as the heat in the kiln would drop immediately every time the boiler had to be reloaded and refired.


We process and split our own logs here onsite. Using an axe is too much like hard work!!