About Us

All Of our firewood products are certified under the HETAS/WOODSURE Ready To Burn scheme. This includes our premium hardwood bags, our hardwood nets, our stovemix bags and the kindling that we supply.


One thing you can be sure of, when you deal with logs.co.com you will get exactly what we say you will get. Our kiln dried logs are sourced from locally supplied logs, split and processed onsite here, and dried in our own kiln, also on site here. You are welcome to come down and see any stage of the process yourself. One of the primary reasons why woodburning stoves are becoming ever more popular, is that they are fuelled by an environmentally sound process.

Why then, would you want to go against that principle, by buying logs that have been split, processed, dried and then driven halfway across Europe, from the Far East, or even just halfway across this country, when you can buy locally sourced, locally processed and locally dried logs for your stove?

All of our logs are dried to under 20% moisture here on site. You are welcome to come and see our kiln, you are welcome to use a moisture meter to check the moisture level. You can use one of ours or bring your own.

Why kiln dried? Our logs are guaranteed to be under 20% moisture content. Most naturally seasoned logs will be in the range of 20% – 25%. Anything above that, really shouldn’t be in a stove or woodburner!! Would you burn water to heat your house? Well you would be trying to!! The drier the wood, the hotter it burns, so the better it heats your house!

…and don’t take our word for it, have a read of the Forestry Commission Guide to Choosing and Drying Logs! Click Here to View.

We also give you the exact dimensions of our bags.  The greatest misconception is that a builders dumpy bag is a tonne of logs or even a cubic metre in size. It is not! They often vary in size anyway, but a builders bag can be anything from 70cm x 70cm x70cm which is 0.35m3 and 90cm x 90 cm x 90 cm which is 0.73 m3.

Our standard log size is up to 25cm long, but we can also offer a “bespoke” log!!

So long as you give us a couple of weeks notice, we can process your logs to a more specific size and then kiln dry them for you, so that you have the optimum size log for your stove or woodburner! If you have a massive fireplace and want some monsters….just ask!!

How can we do this? We are local, you are local, the product is sourced locally and it is all done on site! That’s how!!

In addition to logs, we also supply woodchip in bulk bags. Again, this is a locally sourced, locally chipped product. It is absolutely ideal for mulch around plants to keeps weeds down and moisture in the soil.

It also makes for a very easy going surface for rustic pathways and as a base in a domestic chicken run, it has no equals. Chickens quickly destroy the turf grasses in new runs and the run area quickly becomes a muddy quagmire.

If you put a solid concrete base down, well that’s hardly “natural” for a chicken that wants to spend its days scratching and rummaging about with its feet and beak. 10cm – 15 cm deep of woodchip gives them a perfect organic surface in which to scratch, it is easy to move about and requires a small top up occasionally to maintain the levels. You stay clean and dry when you go in to get the eggs!!