Pizza Ovens to Winter Woodburning Stoves

13 Sep

Pizza Ovens to Winter Woodburning Stoves

Well we have been busier all summer than we have ever been, as the traditional quiet period for firewood didn’t quite slow down as much as previously. The popularity of chimineas and firepits continues, people sitting down around a heat source to wile away the summer evenings, and quite frankly, there is nothing better than a flickering open fire when the temperature starts to drop. Add to that the new “in” for outdoor cooking, the woodburning pizza oven. Now you can have the same woodburning ovens as the restaurants, and create your own fabulous pizzas in literally seconds – 90 seconds to cook a pizza in one of these!!

All of these things require one thing though. Firewood. Firewood that burns clean and hot. Irrespective of whether you are sipping a Peroni or a Pimms, or munching your way through a meat feast or a margherita pizza, you don’t want a smoky smoulderer ruining your night! Firewood that burns hot and without smoke has to be dry.

Here at we are starting our 3rd winter season with our kiln dried logs. Our bulk logs are sourced from local tree surgeons and the whole tree gets used. The stuff that can be split is processed onsite, and the stuff that doesn’t split, where branches join or roots start or its mis-shapen, that goes into the biomass boiler to produce the heat for our own kiln. After a week in the kiln, the logs are all under 20% moisture. Always. Every time. The kiln enables us to provide a product that is absolutely consistent, its dry, it won’t smoke and it burns hot.

Its also extremely environmentally friendly – it is wood from trees that are coming down for a reason, not being felled for firewood production. The firewood we produce will travel no more than 40 miles maximum, from the point it is felled to the destination we deliver to, and realistically, the average is probably under 20 miles in total. The wood itself is dry, so it produces more heat when it is burnt in your fire or stove, so you get more heat from the log than you would from a wet log, so your house is heated more efficiently too.

And lets face it, a burning log, flames flickering and dancing is far more attractive than one that smokes and smoulders!

So, our prices are the same again this year, and our logs are the same great quality, self produced, kiln dried logs. We are the ONLY kiln dried log producer in Bedfordshire. Others might sell them but they don’t make them!

We are already taking orders now, from our existing customer base and from new customers to whom we have been recommended. So if you want some guaranteed dry logs, delivered in bulk barrow bags to the place where you want to store them, not just tipped out on the driveway for you to clear up, then check out for the best bulk delivery firewood logs you can buy!!       

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