Summer Firepits, Chimineas, Pizza Ovens and the BBQ!

31 Mar

For many, the firewood season is drawing to a close, as the evenings get warmer and the need for the heat from the woodburning stove diminishes. However, as we found out last year, there are still a wide range of uses for kiln dried firewood through the Spring/Summer/Autumn months as the firepits and chimineas keep us all warm on the patios. We also have a growing number of customers who have wood fired pizza ovens in their gardens! These fantastic ovens can cook a pizza in 90 seconds!! One thing you do need for that though, is absolutely dry wood! The last thing you want is a smoky fire tainting your food! The same thing applies to the good old BBQ! Kiln dried logs are a great alternative to the traditional BBQ charcoal.

One of our new customers has got probably the best firepit I have ever seen. Country Tipis are a company that supply Giant Tipis (like a huge wigwam tent) for weddings and events. These stunning tents need some spectacular artefacts to decorate and set the scene perfectly, and as well as two huge firebowls, they also have a fabulous fire ball, with a carved exterior that the flames dance through. Fire Ball

This fireball is about 1 metre diameter and at least as high. Our kiln dried logs are supplied with the fireball and firebowls, as its absolutely essential that the wood burns cleanly and with little smoke.

So, if you are in need of some kiln dried logs so you can sit out on the patio until the wee small hours alongside a blazing firepit, just let us know and we will provide the firewood you need.


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